More and more moms and dads are becoming concerned about sugary drinks — the empty calories, the long-term impact on kids’ tastes, the potential for obesity.

So we’re trying to do something about it in Howard County. The idea is simple: We want to make it easier for parents to serve the best stuff they can to their kids.

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Our Better Choices Toolkit makes it easy to educate your members, employees, or visitors about the problems with sugary drinks and how providing better choices improves family life.

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It's easy to let loose with dietary rules during the holidays...but it's important to help your kids not lose sight of healthy habits. Here are some tips on how they can do so:

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There's more troubling news about Latino children and their consumption of sugary drinks. Read about what the San Antonio community is doing about it:

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We all know that ice cold water is refreshing and delicious, but there are so many more benefits of drinking nature's most perfect beverage.

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If you're looking for healthy options this holiday season, Starbucks may not be your first choice. However, there are some options that are much healthier than others.

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