More and more moms and dads are becoming concerned about sugary drinks — the empty calories, the long-term impact on kids’ tastes, the potential for obesity.

So we’re trying to do something about it in Howard County. The idea is simple: We want to make it easier for parents to serve the best stuff they can to their kids.

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Our Better Choices Toolkit makes it easy to educate your members, employees, or visitors about the problems with sugary drinks and how providing better choices improves family life.

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Meet Canzilla East: raising awareness on the dangers of consuming too much sugar in drinks and increasing the risk for Type 2 diabetes and other diseases, today at the NAACP Youth Council Health Fair.

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1 day ago

The American Heart Association recommends no more than six teaspoons of sugar per day for kids 2-18. What can your community do? Click below to find out!

2 days ago

This is a good effort for McDonald's. However, 100-pound child would have to run for over 71 minutes at a 6 mph pace to burn off the 540 calories included in a Happy Meal.

1 week ago

Want to eat and drink healthier? Take the impulse out of your shopping decisions.

2 weeks ago

Since the average person spends half of their waking hours at work, it seems like supporting healthy choices in the workplace should be a no-brainer. Yet wholesome options at meetings and conferences are usually limited. Here are nine tips to hack your way to a healthier meeting.

3 weeks ago

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