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Social Media

Tips for Spreading the Word on Social Media
  1. Like the Howard County Unsweetened page on Facebook and follow the @HoCoUnsweetened account on Twitter.
  2. Choose and post one (or several!) of the options listed, or create a similar ones of your own.
  3. Tag our account in your posts.
    1. On Facebook: “Tag” our page in your post by typing the “@” symbol and then typing our page’s name, Howard County Unsweetened.
    2. On Twitter: “Tag” our account by including “@HoCoUnsweetened” in your post
  4. Add a hashtag (#HoCoMD and/or #BurpBetter, for example) to help others in Howard County who are interested in the topic to find your post.
  5. Download images from our Posters & Handouts tab to share on your social media properties.
Facebook Posts