Month 3


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Share 1 Facebook post + 1 Tweet each week this month on your Social Media accounts. Find additional posts if interested on the Social Media Resources page.

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Place an Article in your Newsletter

Download this month's article, and choose a Better Choices blurb or a factoid to include in your newsletter, bulletin, or blog. Just copy and paste!

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Share Our Pictures

Share our pictures in your newsletters, bulletins, emails, or website. Share them wherever you wish to include a little love for the health of Howard County!


Teach Kids How to Make Healthy Choices

Pick from a number of curricula, games, and activities to teach the kids around you (through your organization, your individual community, or your home) the importance of making healthy choices!

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Order a Poster or Two

Have a well-traveled hallway or space in the kitchen? Order a replacement poster to remind your members, staff, colleagues, and visitors about the 300 better drink choices available to them and their families.

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Hand Out a “Better Choices Buying Guide” to Your Members

Download and print, or order buying guides to distribute to your members as a handy reference for when visiting the grocery store.

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Make a Request

Remember that at any time, we have speakers, booths, handouts, and posters available to you for your events.

For more Better Choices Coalition resources, visit the Resources page.